50+ the last lesson MCQ Question with answers

the last lesson mcq

Dear Readers, I hope you all are preparing for the upcoming exams and this article is going to be a great help for you. In this article, we will discuss 50+ MCQ type questions of Chapter 1st End Lesson which will help you in getting good marks in your board exams. Download Pdf

1. Who is the narrator of ‘the last lesson’?
a. M. Hamel
b. Franz 
c. Villager
d. Gardener

Answer – c. Villager 
2. M. Hamel was about to give test on _________
a. Tenses
b. Active Passive
c. Participles 
d. Determiners

Answer – c. Participles

3. Write of ‘the last lesson’ is ___________
a. Robert Frost
b. Alphonse Daudet 
c. John Keats
d. Shakespeare

Answer – b. Alphonse Daudet

4. Was Franz prepared for the test on participles?
a. Yes
b. No

Answer – b. No
5. For a moment, what was franz thought?
a. Attend the school
b. Bunk the school 
c. To go to fishing
d. None

Answer – b. Bunk the school

6. What did franz she when he passed the to hall?
a. Radhe movie trailer (hahaha)
b. Bulletin board 
c. Temple
d. Elephant

Answer – b. Bulletin board

7. For how long all the bad news were coming from that bulletin board
a. 4 year
b. 3 year
c. 2 year 
d. 1 year

Answer – c. 2 year

8. Name of the blacksmith who met franz on the way
a. John
b. Wachter 
c. Grange
d. Jonny

Answer – b. Wachter
9. Which color coat M. Hamel was wearing?
a. Green 
b. Yellow
c. Blue
d. Black

Answer – a. Green

10. Which colour cap M. Hamel was wearing?
a. Green
b. Yellow
c. Blue
d. Black 

Answer – d. Black

11. From where did the order come to teach only German?
a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Berlin 
d. England

Answer – c. Berlin

12. Which is the best and most beautiful language of the world according to M. Hamel?
a. Hindi
b. English
c. German
d. French 

Answer – d. French

13. Which bird cooed on the Roof
a. Pigeon 
b. Peacock
c. Eagle
d. Parrot

Answer – a. Pigeon

14. What were the being taken for granted by the people of Alsace?
a. Teachers of the school
b. Time and school 
c. People around
d. Money and power

Answer – b. Time and school

17. Why was franz surprised?
a. Because of village elders
b. Because of police patrolling
c. Because of students’ behavior
d. Because of M. Hamel’s kind and polite behavior 

Answer – d. Because of M. Hamel’s kind and polite behavior 

18. Why was frenz felling regretful and sad?
a. For reaching late
b. For not learning participles
c. For change of the Government
d. For not learning his mother tongue

Answer – d. For not learning his mother tongue

19. Whom did M. HAMEL blame for not sending students to school?
a. Parents 
b. Friends
c. Teachers
d. Watchman

Answer – a. Parents 
20. What did Hauser bring?
a. Sweets
b. Children
c. Friends
d. Old primer 

Answer – d. Old primer 

21. What made franz forget M. Hamel’s ruler and crankiness?
a. Police patrolling
b. Strange quietness
c. Bustle on the streets
d. The idea of his going away 

Answer – d. The idea of his going away  

22. For how many year did M. Hamel serve the school?
a. 20 year
b. 35 year
c. 30 year
d. 40 year 

Answer – d. 40 year
23. Where did the parents send their children?
a. School
b. Coaching
c. Farmland mills
d. Movies

Answer – c. Farmland mills

24. Why were  the parents sending their children to the Farms and mills?
a. To play
b. To meet friends
c. To meet relatives
d. To earn money 

Answer – d. To earn money 

25. Why did the villagers come to meets M. Hamel in the school?
a. To complain
b. To say good bye
c. To gossipe
d. To show gratitude 

Answer – d. To show gratitude 

26. Why did Mr. M. Hamel call the franch language the most beautiful?
a. Because it was the clearest and logical 
b. Because it was his native language
c. Because people were France
d. None of these

Answer – a. Because it was the clearest and logical 

30. What change did the order from Berlin case in school that day?
a. Hustle- bustle
b. People were happy
c. Teachers were sad
d. Strange quietness and sadness 

Answer – a. d. Strange quietness and sadness

31. What changed franz’s felling about M.Hamel and school?
a. Police patrolling
b. Orders from Berlin 
c. Strict words from M. Hamel
d. Old prim

Answer – b. Orders from Berlin
32.  What did Mr  Hamel bring for his class on his last day in the school?
a. New pens
b. New notebooks 
c. Sweets
d. Story books

Answer – b. New notebooks
36. Which language would the student story from the next day?
a. English
b. German 
c. Dutch
d. Spanish

Answer – b. German

37. What attitude of M. Hamel surprised franz?
a. Soft and kind 
b. Rude
c. Firm and strict
d. None of these

Answer – a. Soft and kind 

38. What made Franz and other people realize abouth the preciousness of their mother tongue?
a. M. Hamel
b. Crowd
c. Sudden orders from Berlin 
d. School principal

Answer – c. Sudden orders from Berlin

39. Who was M. Hamel?
a. A spy
b. Language teacher
c. Soldier
d. School principal

Answer – b. Language teacher
40. Why did hamel blame himself
a. Not having taught them enough French
b. Not being strict
c. Giving students a holiday at times
d. Not being responsible

42. What does ‘ the last lesson ‘ symbolize?
a. Loss of language and freedom 
b. Loss of money and power
c. Loss of Garden
d. None

Answer – a. Loss of language and freedom

43. Why was franz felling regretful and sad?
a. For reaching late
b. For not reaching school on time
c. For bunking the school
d. For not learning his mother tongue

Answer – d. For not learning his mother tongue

44. Why was franz reluctant to go to school?
a. To enjoy sunlight
b. To enjoy weather outside
c. Wanted to see soldiers’ drill
d. Lesson on participles was not prepared 

Answer – d. Lesson on participles was not prepared

45. Who asked franz not to hurry to school?
a.old hauser
b. Former mayor
c. Former postmaster
d. Blacksmith watcher 

Answer – d. Blacksmith watcher 

46. What is the moral that the alphonse Daudet wants to bring out?
a. Not to put off things that one can do to that day b. Old order changed to new
c. One would accept everything that happens
d. Teacher should be respected

Answer – a. Not to put off things that one can do to that day
47. What does the marching off Soldiers under the windows represent
a. The Departure of hamel
b. Dawn of Prussia in france 
c. Freedom for franz
d. Sorrow of the villagers

Answer – b. Dawn of Prussia in france 

48. What does M hamel’s motionless posture reflect?
a. The school is dismissed
b. Changing order of life
c. Sense of finality
d. Felling of nostalgia 

Answer – d. Felling of nostalgia 

49. M. Hamel was about to give test on _________
a. Tenses
b. Active Passive
c. Participles
d. Determiners

Answer – d. Determiners 

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