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Animation graphic design courses provide a great opportunity to explore the fundamentals of designing and creating stunning animation visuals. These courses offer comprehensive instruction on both traditional animation techniques, as well as the latest digital technologies used in today’s animation industry. Students will learn the basics of computer software and programming languages needed for developing animated visuals, as well as fundamental principles of design. Additionally, they will gain insight into modern trends and techniques employed by animators in television, film, gaming and web design projects. Through these courses, students can cultivate the skills and creativity necessary for success in the exciting field of animation graphic design.

What are animation graphic design courses

1. Introduction to Animation: This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of animation and visual storytelling, including understanding motion, timing, spacing, design principles, 3D/2D computer animation and more.

2. Character Design: In this course, students learn how to create unique and engaging characters for animation projects. They will also explore character expression, gesture, body language and develop a strong sense of anatomy.

3. Storytelling & Narrative: Students in this course learn how to craft compelling narratives with animation projects by focusing on the development of effective story structure, narrative arcs and editing techniques.

4. Principles of Color Theory: This course covers color theory principles used in graphic design and introduces the importance of working with different color schemes within an animation project.

5. Typography & Layout Design: Through this course students learn about the fundamentals of typography and layout design in relation to digital illustration as well as motion graphics design and 3D/2D animation techniques.

6. Compositing & Motion Graphics: Students learn how to create compelling compositions through 2D compositing techniques as well as creating text animations with advanced motion graphics techniques.
7. Special Effects:
This course teaches students how to incorporate special effects such as lighting, textures and particle systems into their animations for more dynamic results.
8. Audio for Animation Projects: In this course, students learn how to record audio for their projects or choose pre-recorded sound effects in order to enhance their animations further with soundtracks that support the overall narrative structure of their work

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design:

1. Become a well-rounded designer: Graphic design courses provide you with the skills you need to become a multi-disciplinary graphic designer capable of producing designs across different platforms such as web, print and video production.
2. Explore different types of animation: You can explore a variety of animation styles like traditional cel-shading and computer-generated animations while developing the skills necessary to animate graphics effectively with believable motion effects that engage audiences.
3. Stand out from the competition: Through studying animation graphic design courses you can learn cutting-edge technologies so you can create compelling visual content which sets your work apart from other designers on the market today!
4. Push creative boundaries: Develop creative problem solving skills by combining real world applications of illustration, photography, type design and user experience design which allows you to think outside the box when creating original visuals for clients’ projects!

Popular Online Graphic Design Courses in India

1. Diploma in Professional Graphic Design from eduCBA (Certified course): Features: This 6-month diploma course includes the study of topics such as Logo Design, Corporate Identity Creation, Photography & Photo Retouching, and Web Design & Development. It also offers extensive knowledge on digital tools and applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw. Fee: INR 3990, Duration: 180 hours.

2. Adobe Photoshop Training Course by Asian College Of Teachers (ACT) (Certified course):  Features: The 12-week online program provides extensive training on various aspects of Adobe Photoshop like retouching images and creating photo collages. It covers a range of topics like selection techniques, layer styles, image masking and manipulation of color effects. Fee: INR 13999, Duration: 84 hours.

3. Certificate in Graphic Design from Coursera (Certified course):

Features: This 5-course program introduces students to design principles for print media as well as interactive designs for the web & mobile devices. The courses include Image Manipulation with Photoshop CC, Graphic Design for Social Media, Logos & Icons with Illustrator CC and Responsive Website Design Fundamentals. Fee: INR 7780, Duration: 13 weeks approx.
Best Graphic design Courses Fee’s
Diploma in Professional Graphic Design from eduCBA (Certified course) INR 3990
Adobe Photoshop Training Course by Asian College Of Teachers (ACT) (Certified course) INR 13999
Certificate in Graphic Design from Coursera (Certified course) INR 7780

List of best graphic design courses available online in India with certificates

1. Udemy – Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn GREAT Design

2. Coursera – Graphic Design Specialization by California Institute of the Arts

Best Places to Find Online Animation Graphic course 

1. Udemy: Udemy offers a wide range of animation and graphic design courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, with options such as Digital Drawing and Animation, Motion Graphics Design, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects Animation and many more.

2. Coursera: Coursera is an online learning platform offering thousands of courses related to various subjects, including animation and graphic design. Their animation and graphic design courses cover topics such as Vector Graphics & Typography Design, 3D Modeling & Animation, Adobe Photoshop and many more.

3. CreativeLive: CreativeLive offers dozens of high-quality courses in animation and graphic design, ranging from beginner level tutorials to more advanced classes on topics like Motion Graphic Design for Storytelling or UX/UI for Visual Designers.

4. Pluralsight: Pluralsight provides a variety of classes in animation and graphic design with skill-based levels starting from basic knowledge to professional skills development. Topics include Principles of Character Rigging & Animation, Mobile User Interface Design & Development, Mastering Adobe Illustrator among others.

5. Skillshare: Skillshare has an impressive range of animation and graphic design courses ranging from basics like Adobe Illustrator or Figma For UX/UI Designers to more advanced options like Color Grading for Motion Graphics or 2D Hand-drawn Character Animations for Beginners.

List of best graphic design courses available online in India with certificates

1. Adobe Photoshop for Animation and Motion Graphics (Udemy)

2. After Effects for Beginners – Create Stunning Motion Graphics (Udemy)
3. Maya Character Modeling and Animation (Udemy)
7. Learn Animate CC Animation & Creative Storytelling (Skillshare)
8. Design for Screen – Interactive Design & Animation (Coursera, certificate available on request)
9. Motion Graphic Design Specialization by UC San Diego (Coursera, certificate available on request)
10. Ultimate Guide to Digital Video Animation and Special Effects Production with Adobe After Effects & Cinema 4D(Skillshare, certificate available on request)

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Animation Graphic Design Course 

A. Cost/Budget: It is important to evaluate the total cost of an animation graphic design course, including tuition and other associated fees, to determine if it fits within your budget. Additionally, consider whether the course offers discounts for alumni or students in certain circumstances.

B. Quality and Content of the Course Materials/Curriculum: Carefully research and review the course content and materials to ensure they provide a comprehensive understanding of animation graphic design. Consider topics such as principles of design, color theory, typography, software used in the field, composition techniques, industry standards and processes, etc.

C. Instructor Reputation and Expertise:
Look for courses that offer experienced instructors with strong credentials in animation graphic design. The instructor’s knowledge and expertise should be well-suited to helping students gain an understanding of animation graphic design principles and industry best practices.

Tips for Succeeding in an Animation Graphic Design Course

1. List your learning goals and what you hope to gain from the course as a starting point. You can keep focused and on course by doing this.
2. Get to know your tutor or teacher and make sure they are aware of any problems or troubles you may be experiencing so they can provide assistance as needed.

3. Make use of resources such as tutorials, reference books, forums, and blogs related to animation graphic design topics to further enhance your understanding and skillset.

4. Spend extra time practicing the material covered in class. Take detailed notes, work on projects independently, and try to break down difficult concepts into simpler ones for better comprehension.

5. Develop good time management skills by breaking up long-term tasks into smaller parts, prioritizing your workload based on due dates, and making a study schedule for yourself.

6. Keep an open mind about creative processes in animation graphic design courses as this can lead to new insights about how things work and more original solutions to problems faced in the coursework.
7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during class if there is something you don’t understand – this will make sure you get the most out of the course content and that nothing slips through the cracks


Animation and graphic design courses provide the essential tools needed to create visuals and interactive elements for projects such as web pages, video games, and mobile applications. In addition to teaching traditional techniques such as hand-drawn sketches, animation software and basic computer coding, these classes offer instruction on more advanced methods of animation such as motion capture and 3D modeling. Whether students want to pursue a career in the field or just improve their skills for personal projects, taking an animation graphic design course can help develop artistic vision while exploring creative problem-solving.
In summary, animation graphic design courses teach a variety of skills that are beneficial both professionally and personally. They offer instruction in traditional techniques like sketching and coding, as well as more modern methods like motion capture and 3D modeling. By taking one of these courses, students can acquire essential knowledge that will help them achieve success in the world of digital media.

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