HOW to Make professional logo just in 30 second

HOW to Make professional logo just in 30 second –

Today we are going to teach you how to make a professional logo. You do not need any logo design course to make a logo, professional people can make anyone, you and me too. Creating a professional logo is so easy that you can make it even sitting at home.

How to make logo- 

To create a professional logo, first you have to open your Google Chrome browser and type ‘canva’ in its search bar. Otherwise, you can open the site by clicking on this link and after visiting this site, you will have to click on the sign up button. After signing up, you will come to the home page,  

you will see a plus icon in the bottom side.

As soon as you click on the plus icon, many options will open in front of you. Out of which you have to click on people 500×500. After clicking, you will directly reach the logo design page, after reaching the design page,

the templates menu will open in front of you. You have to choose a template according to your choice and by customizing those templates people according to your wish, you will get a professional logo ready.


To download these created people, you will see three dots in the side, after clicking on those three dots, you will see the option of download. As you download and click. And after selecting in PNG, you have to download your professional logo. You can use this people anywhere, it is non-copyright.

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