Instant transfer money from PayPal to Chime | 4 simple steps

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Can you send money to Chime from PayPal? 

yes you can send dollar from paypal to your chime account that too well today we will tell you how you can transfer dollar from your paper lagao to chai me account that too without any charge in paypal account nowadays in digital age Everyone has it and why shouldn’t it because there is a lot of use of online payments, PayPal is one of the best companies that provide online services through which you can pay very easily with PayPal without any charges. Can do transactions. Along with this, Chime is also being used a lot. Chime is such an application through which you can transfer your money from PayPal to Chime account. If you transfer dollars from your paper solution account to your mind, then you will not be charged for that. Will not have to give. You can take as many dolls as you want from PayPal directly into your Chime account, absolutely free of charge. You will not even need to pay any charge. The most important thing about Chime is that you can exchange dollars for absolutely free, so many American people want to transfer their dollars from PayPal account to Chime account, so today we will tell you how you can transfer your dollars to your PayPal account. Can transfer in account. How to Transfer Dollars from PayPal to Chime Account Let us explain clearly how you can transfer dollars from your PayPal account to Chime account.

Instant transfer from PayPal to Chime – 

You can transfer your dollar from your paypal account to chime account instantly for this you have to link your paypal account with chime account only then you will be able to transfer your dollar to chime account you have to link your paypal with chime account requires two things
1. Account number, 2. Routing number If you have both these things available then you will be able to transfer your PayPal account to Chime account more easily.

How to add Paypal to Chime the easy way –

4 STEPS Link Now
How to get Chime Routing and Account Number Link now
Connect Chime account to your PayPal account Link now 
Do the transfer to make sure it works perfectly Link now
What to do if money is not received from your paypal to chime account Link now

Step 1 – How to get Chime Routing and Account Number –

If you want to transfer dollar from your paypal to chime account then you must have chime account number and routing number then let us tell you from where you can get account number and routing number if you are using mobile You can download Chime application otherwise if you are using desktop then you can use browser you have to open Chime official website in browser.
  If you want to know Chime account number and routing number, then for that you have to open Chime application. And chime account has to be login as soon as you login chime account then a home page will open in front of you first you have to find “move money” menu and you will find it in setting on application. And you will get the routing number and account number of the account in Chime. And after that you can connect your Chime account with Paypal account.
Step 2 : Connect Chime account to your PayPal account –

Simple way – If you want to send dollars from your PayPal account to Chime account, then you have to connect your PayPal account to Chime account, for this you will need Chime account number and Chime routing number, both of these things you will need to Chime Will be found in the application.
If you want to transfer dollars from your PayPal account to Chime account, then for this you will have to open your PayPal account and login as you login to your PayPal account, then a new home menu will appear in front of you. From this you have to find the “Pay and Get Paid” menu and click on it.
As soon as you click, a new window will open in front of you, out of which you will have to click on the wallet. Click on the “Banks & Cards” option. You will see your account balance and all the cards and banks associated with your PayPal account.
 Click on the bank option, after selecting the “Add a new” option, you will see a list of many banks, but if you do not see any of these chime accounts, then you will have to select a new option in which Allows you to add a new bank account Click on it
As soon as you click on adding bank account, some new screen will open in front of you. In which you will be asked to fill bank details also tick the box to link chime and select personal account and then fill chime account and routing number. And connect your PayPal to Chime.
And then click on Add Bank Chime account will be automatically linked with PayPal account. You can now make direct dollar transfers from your PayPal account to your Chime account without any fees.
Step 3: Do the transfer to make sure it works perfectly –

Make sure that whatever account number and routing number you have filled is correct and Chime account is successfully connected to PayPal account or not. Paper company is a very smart company which is very careful in case of banks. Works Paypal system will never accept any wrong account number.
To check if everything is working well, transfer a minimum of $1 from your paper account to your Chime account to see if it’s working properly. If you get into the account successfully, then the account number and auto number you have given is absolutely correct and wherever you go, it is said that you can transfer your tea to your account, it will be immediately transferred to your tea account.
If your $ 1 is found in your Chime account, it means that your Chime and PayPal account are fully connected, now you can transfer as many dollars as you want from your PayPal account to Chime account.

Step 4: What to do if money is not received from your paypal to chime account –

If you have connected Paypal and Chime properly and you have transferred a small amount to your Chime account to check it properly and that money has not come in your Chime account then what to do if with you If something like this happens then you have to directly go to your PayPal account and request PayPal to get back the money you had transferred from PayPal to Chime account. That money will be returned directly to your PayPal account. And then check that the routing number and account number that you have given is correct, if it is not correct, then correct it and then re-link Chime and Paypal account again.

What is Chime. –

Chime is a financial risk company through which you can transact money. Chime company produces a banking service but if seen, Chime does not provide any banking service but Paypal sees it as a banking only. Chai Make Banking is online platform which you can also use through website mobile application Chai mobile application is very easy to use using which you can easily transfer cash from PayPal to your Chime account that too very easily Without charging any fees. Chime Company provides services only for America, it is not applicable for any other country. Is. That’s why Chime is liked by more than half of the people of America.

There are two types of Chime accounts –

If seen, only 2 types of accounts can be opened in Chai application, first saving account and chime spending account, let us tell you about the features of these accounts.
1. Chime Savings Account – 
Chime is a high and high yielding account. To open this account, no minimum amount is required in your account, nor does Time take any kind of charge on your account and your No matter what is the minimum balance left in your Chai Time Account, it will also earn you interest on that amount, no matter how many dollars are read in your Chai Savings Account.
If you want to open Chime Savings Account from your mobile, then you can open your Chime Savings Account very easily, for this you will need Chime Chime Spending Account and the most important thing is that you need to open an account in Chai. There is no minimum amount required and you can open Chime account without any deposit and tea company also has savings plans according to your need, using which you can save your savings very easily and with fun. If you do online shopping or spending anywhere using Time Account, Chai application automatically saves a small amount on every purchase and also from that amount when you receive payment from anywhere. Save a small amount and China Apps automatically saves 10% of the direct deposit amount or $500 more.

Chime Spending Account (chime checking account) –

China spending account is also known by another name, which is called checking account in tea. This account does not require you to pay any fee and when you open this account, you do not need any minimum deposit amount. You can open an account with zero balance in it, its a program which is very popular, this account provides you the facility of fast direct deposit, through this, the amount you have now deposited in your Chinese checking account will be less than 2 days. Will come to your account in time.

The Pros of Using Chime –

  • Great and competitive savings option
  • Initial receipts for direct deposit. payments.
  • Automatic Savings Tool.

The Cons of Using Chime –

  • Lack of branches for personal service.

What is PayPal. –

PayPal Company is an online transaction company through which you can do international transactions very easily without any additional charge. In 2022, Ebay Company was bought but by 2015, PayPal had left Ebay Company and today it itself is a company that allows online international money transactions
 If you want to send money to any person from PayPal, then you have to link your credit card or debit card to your PayPal account and then you can send money to any person.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can open a PayPal account within 2 minutes. Just to open a PayPal account, you must have a mobile number and your Gmail ID, only then you can open a PayPal account.
If you open your paper account, then you are ready to do transactions with any person and you can also do international transactions very easily. PayPal charges a small processing fee on the business transaction portion.
The PayPal company owns another online peer-to-peer payment service known as Venmo. That’s why you need to know that this is a company that processes both your PayPal and Venmo transactions. PayPal is the only company that allows you to do business transactions on both of these services.

What is PayPal Credit? –

Paypal credit is one of the best facility available for you if you want to use it you don’t need real physical credit card at all you can use paypal credit without credit card at all. You can use the card at any place very easily but the place where you are going to use the card should accept PayPal.
 The whole works like a normal credit card, that’s why interest and charges are applicable on it, if you do not pay your credit card dues in full every month, then you may have to pay some additional charges.
Venmo gives you a physical debit card that you can use wherever MasterCard is applicable, so Venmo is more convenient for traditional merchants and a favorite of the masses.

What is PayPal Cash. –

PayPal Cash is the account that keeps money in your PayPal account. The paper company came back with this idea in 2019 and after coming, created panic in the entire online transaction platform and today PayPal company is considered number one in terms of transactions.
If you receive the card through your PayPal, you can transfer that cash to your bank or to a Chime account.
If you want, you can send money from your PayPal to your friends or any family member. Another great thing is that you can pay on Google or Samsung Pay using PayPal cash balance. You can use many features in PayPal Cash.

How does paypal work. –

PayPal is an online banking platform that allows the exchange of money in terms of business or money between 2 people. Paypal does not charge any fee for sending money to friends and family, but if you pay online to a merchant, Paypal will charge you 1%.
 If you send money as a payment or purchase, PayPal will charge you a percentage for this.
The Pros of PayPal –

  • If you will take it from your PayPal account. If you send money to a friend or a family member, PayPal will not charge you anything in this regard.
  • You can use PayPal in two ways. You can use PayPal through PayPal’s website or PayPal’s application.
  • Using PayPal is so secure and private that you can’t be scammed. It has paper fraud prevention and keeps credit card and bank card information completely encrypted.
The Cons of PayPal –

  • If you use your PayPal account too much, then your account can also be frozen.
  • PayPal charges a fee of 1% to anyone who is in urgent need of money.


If you want to send money from Paypal to Chai then it is absolutely possible but while linking Paypal to Chime, keep in mind that Chime’s account number and Chime routing number should be correct, keep in mind that Paypal does not accept Chime as a bank. Nor does PayPal accept Chime as a credit card.
So add Chime to Paypal in the same way as I told you in above article if you want to send money from your Paypal to Chime then you have to link Paypal and Chime you need Chime account at that time routing number to link Only then will you be able to link PayPal and Chime to each other.

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