mahindra mutual fund badhat yojana|Mahindra Multicap Fund Regular Growth

mahindra mutual fund badhat yojana|Mahindra Multicap Fund Regular Growth, mahindra manulife mutual fund


As a market-leading supplier of mutual funds, Mahindra Mutual Fund gives its clients access to a variety of financial solutions. A wide range of investment options are available through Mahindra Mutual Fund’s Badhat Yojana to assist clients in setting and achieving their long-term financial objectives. By having access to a wide range of securities and instruments with less risk exposure, investors can increase and safeguard their wealth with the help of the Badhat Yojana in both the short and long terms.

The Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a unique scheme which provides an opportunity for investors to make significant returns in a short span of time. The scheme enables individuals


1. Low Risk – With this scheme, you don’t need to worry about any risks associated with investing in stocks as the risk is already minimised due to its low-risk nature. 
2. Easy Entry – This plan requires very minimal amount for entry and no prior experience or expertise of trading stocks is required for participation. 
3. Regular Returns – Investing through this plan ensures steady returns which are usually much higher than what other regular savings plans can offer. 
4. Transparent Fees & Charges – There are absolutely no hidden charges or fees when you invest your money through Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana, giving you total transparency in your investments. 
5. Flexibility – Investors have the option to choose their preferred asset class depending on their individual investment objectives and goals while benefiting from capital gains tax exemptions on long term investments as well as capital losses offsetting feature if desired..

What is mahindra mutual fund badhat yojana

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is an innovative and comprehensive financial investment plan designed to help investors of all risk appetite levels build a diversified portfolio. It allows investors to choose from multiple mutual funds from different fund houses based on their goals and risk tolerance. This plan offers customized advice, regular review of investments and tax saving options, providing complete peace of mind to the investor.

Benefits of Investing in the Scheme

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a dynamic and secure way to make investments and get the maximum benefit out of your hard-earned money. Investing in this scheme comes with a variety of advantages for you:

1. Convenience – Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana makes it easier to invest without having to worry about all the paperwork and other complexities that come with traditional investing. You can open an account with just a few clicks and start investing right away.

2. Low Investment Minimums – The minimum investment required in Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is low compared to other mutual funds, so it’s easy to start even if you have limited funds available.

3. Tax Benefits – This scheme allows investors to claim tax deductions on their investments under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 up to Rs 1 lakh per annum.

4. Wide Range of Funds – The range of funds offered by Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is quite wide and includes equity funds, debt funds, hybrid funds, liquid funds and more, giving you more options when deciding which fund to invest in.

5. Professional Expertise – The fund managers at Mahindra Mutual Fund are experienced professionals who take a detailed look at market conditions before recommending suitable investments for each investor’s risk profile and objectives. This ensures that your money is being invested in accordance with the best practices for getting maximum returns.

6. High Returns – Since its launch, the scheme has consistently outperformed benchmarks set by other schemes across categories, leading to high returns for investors over the long-term period of time they are invested in this scheme.

7. Secure Platform – All your investments in Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana are protected through government-backed securities, ensuring safety and security of your money throughout the duration of your investment period.

Market Capitalization

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a market capitalization scheme which seeks to provide investors with returns from equity and debt investments. The scheme invests in stocks of companies that are well-established, have high growth potential and also invest in various debt instruments like Government Securities (G-Secs), Corporate Bonds and Money Market Instruments. It invests across large, mid & small cap companies. This fund follows a multi-cap approach for portfolio construction and allocation decisions. The fund provides an option for systematic transfer plan to ensure a regular income stream over a period of time, depending on investor’s needs.

Fund Performance

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a fund which provides an attractive combination of high returns and capital preservation for the investors. It seeks to generate long-term wealth through a mix of equity and debt instruments, with the emphasis on risk-controlled portfolio diversification. This fund primarily invests in large cap companies while maintaining a healthy balance between growth and stability in order to minimize risk.

The fund has outperformed its benchmark Nifty 50 TRI since its inception and consistently delivered robust returns since launch. It also follows a proactive investment style, as well as active portfolio rebalancing strategies which helps it achieve better returns even during turbulent market cycles. Furthermore, it employs comprehensive asset allocation rules, top down investment approach and systematic portfolio review process which allow it to identify opportunities in multiple markets while preserving capital when needed.

With over 10 years of performance record, this mutual fund scheme has consistently beaten its peers in delivering positive results even in difficult market situations. As such, it is one of the preferred mutual funds amongst investors who want steady performance along with solid long-term gains.

Types of Investment Options 

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a flexible mutual fund option for investors who want to take advantage of long-term capital appreciation. It provides investment opportunities in equity, debt, and gold markets as well as offers additional features such as tax efficiency and asset diversification.

Types of Investment Options:
The Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana offers four different types of investment options for its customers:

1) Equity Funds: Investing in stocks through equity funds gives the investor exposure to a wide range of stock markets both domestically and internationally.

2) Debt Funds: Investing in debt instruments can help mitigate risks associated with volatile equity markets by offering relatively lower returns but higher safety levels.
3) Gold Funds: Investing in gold funds gives investors an opportunity to capitalize on the current low gold prices and also benefit from future price increases.
4) Balanced Funds: Balanced funds provide a blend of investments across equity, debt, and gold which allows investors to take advantage of all three markets simultaneously.

Tax Efficiency & Asset Diversification: 

The Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana also provides tax efficiency benefits along with asset diversification options that enable investors to reduce their overall portfolio risk while increasing their returns. The scheme also has a comprehensive research process that helps identify profitable investment opportunities across various markets.

Equity-oriented Funds

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a equity-oriented fund offered by Mahindra Mutual Fund, which allows investors to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of equities. This fund has an investment objective to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in equities across market capitalizations. The fund manager uses the latest stock selection and analysis tools for selecting stocks for this portfolio. The fund also utilizes bottom up approach to identify attractive stocks based on company’s competitive advantage, business fundamentals and attractive valuations. The fund provides an option to invest with minimum investment of Rs.5000 and no maximum limit set. It offers SIP as well as lump sum investments options to suit investor needs and objectives. It also charges nominal expense ratio at 1%. Overall, the fund seeks to create wealth over long term with moderate risk associated with it.

Debt-oriented Funds 

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a debt-oriented fund, offering investors a unique and beneficial option to invest in fixed income instruments. This scheme has been designed to help investors gain optimal returns with minimum risk. It follows an active management strategy and actively monitors credit quality, liquidity and duration while investing.

The fund invests in bonds issued by central & state governments, public sector undertakings (PSUs), municipalities, corporates, etc., based on credit ratings. Further, the fund also maintains prudent cash balance to provide additional flexibility when markets are volatile.

Additionally, this scheme offers high liquidity due to daily repurchase facility with no penalty for early redemption of investments. Moreover, it aims to offer competitive returns through low portfolio turnover.

In short, Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a reliable investment option that offers benefits such as safety of capital invested with minimal risk exposure and potential for superior returns in long term perspective.

Hybrid Funds 

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a hybrid fund scheme offered by Mahindra Mutual Fund that aims to generate both capital appreciation and regular income through judicious asset allocation. The scheme invests across asset classes such as equity, debt instruments and derivatives with the objective of achieving optimal risk-adjusted returns.
This scheme follows a long term investment strategy, which ensures that the investors can benefit from favorable market conditions for longer duration. The portfolio of this scheme is managed with an aim to diversify investments across asset classes in order to limit exposure to any one specific sector or company. 
In addition, the fund also employs prudent portfolio management strategies that involve constant monitoring and reviewing of the performance of individual investments as well as overall performance of the portfolio. As part of this process, the fund managers regularly review the existing investments and rebalance them as per market dynamics in order to ensure better return on investments for investors.
Furthermore, this fund also invests in government securities such as treasury bills and other debt instruments, enabling it to maintain a steady stream of income while safeguarding against major losses in times of market volatility. It also ensures that risk is managed in an appropriate manner, allowing investors to achieve desired results without taking too much risk. 
Overall, Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana provides an ideal platform for investors who seek higher returns without sacrificing safety or liquidity requirements.

Key Features 

1. Investment Strategy: This scheme is a combination of actively managed and passively managed strategies, thereby providing investors with a diversified portfolio to ensure consistent returns over the long-term.

2. Risk & Returns: The risk associated with this scheme is low to moderate and the returns are expected to be higher than regular mutual fund schemes.

3. Flexibility: The scheme offers flexibility in terms of minimum investment amount as well as frequent investments for lump sum amounts, SIPs (Systematic Investment Plan) or even one-time redemption.

4. Eligibility: Individuals, Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs), companies, trusts and institutions are eligible to invest in this scheme subject to applicable regulations.

5. Tenure: There is no minimum tenure requirement and investors can redeem their investment anytime during market hours at their discretion.

6. Additional Benefits: This scheme also provides benefits such as tax savings, auto selection of assets according to your goals and regular reviews to check the performance of your portfolio etc.

Eligibility Requirements 

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is an open-ended debt fund that provides a platform to investors looking to benefit from capital appreciation with relatively lower risk. This fund seeks to invest in high quality corporate and government debt securities. The fund’s objective is to provide medium to long-term growth potential along with liquidity, stability and safety of investments.
Eligibility Requirements: 
1. An investor must be an Indian resident aged 18 years or above 
2. Minimal initial investment of Rs.5,000 
3. Additional investment should be in multiples of Rs 1,000
4. Investor must have PAN and Aadhaar Card for KYC compliance 
5. Dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and systematic investment plans (SIP) are also available

Fund Management Fee and Other Charges 

Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a mutual fund that offers an easy and efficient way for investors to grow their wealth over the long term. This scheme is managed by experienced professionals, who ensure that investors are offered superior returns with minimum risks. The Badhat Yojana provides low Fund Management Fees (Fees charged by the fund manager for his services) and Other Charges, including registration fee, entry/exit load and custodial charges.

The Funds Management Fee on this Scheme is 2% of the amount invested, which is comparatively low when compared to other similar schemes. Further, no entry/exit load and no Custodial Charges will be applicable when you invest in Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana. Additionally, the registration fee charged is only Rs 100/- per folio, thus making it a cost-effective option for investors.

We understand that every investor’s requirement is different, so we have also created customised investment options within this scheme according to individual risk profiles and desired returns. So depending on your preferences and goals, you can choose between Equity Funds or Debt Funds to get maximum returns while minimising risks at all times.

With Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana, you will not just enjoy low Fund Management Fee and Other Charges but also experience premium service standards across our products & solutions. Our knowledgeable advisors help in providing timely assistance for informed decisions; backed by expert research team and cutting-edge technology for superior execution of your investments goals – we ensure that your experience with us remains fruitful in the long run.

Benefits of Investing in Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana 

Investing in Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana provides investors with a variety of attractive benefits. With this fund, investors have access to the extensive knowledge and experience of one of India’s leading asset management companies, backed by years of industry-leading experience in financial planning and investments.

Some of the key advantages include:

1. Access to Professional Asset Management: The fund provides professional management of your assets by experts who understand the market dynamics and are able to help you choose the best investment products to meet your needs.

2. Tax Benefits: Investing in Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana offers a number of tax advantages for eligible investors. This includes deductions for capital gains and income tax for long-term capital gains as well as deduction on Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS).

3. Diversified Portfolio: Investors have access to a wide range of equity and debt mutual funds, enabling them to build a diversified portfolio with maximum returns from their investments.

4. Easy Liquidity: The fund also offers easy liquidity through regular NAV-based redemption facility at no extra cost.

5. Risk Management: Risk management strategies are implemented through efficient portfolio construction which includes setting exposure limits for various asset classes within the scheme, maintaining high liquidity levels and timely exit when needed, thus reducing volatility risk and helping generate higher returns over the long term.

Overall, Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is an ideal option for investors looking to achieve long-term wealth creation while minimizing risks associated with stock market fluctuations.


Mahindra Mutual Fund Badhat Yojana is a scheme that aims to enable retail investors to maximize returns on their investments. It allows investors to benefit from potential market upswings by investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with a lower cost. This yojana seeks to give the investors higher returns with minimized risk through proper diversification of their portfolios. The Badhat Yojana also ensures transparency and encourages better decision-making, which leads to more efficient utilization of capital. Furthermore, it offers convenience by allowing investors to buy, sell or switch mutual fund units online in just a few clicks. With the Badhat Yojana, Mahindra Mutual Fund provides a safe investment avenue for retail investors to make informed decisions while striving for long term financial growth.

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