Save water 10 lines for kids and higher students of class 1,2,3 – 10,12 in English

Save water lines, Save water 10 lines

Save Water –

Too much water is being wasted in our country India and wasting water is very dangerous for our future life. And only 3% water on our earth is for drinking purpose only other 97% water is present in oceans and seas which cannot be used for drinking because that water is salty. Earth is the only planet in our whole universe which has Life and water are possible.

 If we continue to flow water like this in our life, then one day it will come that there will be no potable water left at all and man will yearn for water and the problem of saving water has increased so much that if it is not controlled then it will One day it will become a big problem. 

And 77% of our earth is covered with water and the remaining 23% is covered with land, so today I will tell you how you can write 10 lines on save water. Can you survive on this planet without water the answer is no because water is the only resource with which you can survive. 

More than half of our life is dependent on water, if there is no water in our life then our life on this earth is not possible because if you cook food then you need water and if you wash clothes then you also need water. 

Water is needed and the biggest thing is if you go to take a bath then you need water, can you take a bath without water, the answer is no because without water it is not possible to take a bath.

So you must have understood the importance of water in your life because without water your life is not possible, let us tell you how you can write 10 lines on save water.

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10 lines on save water for kids –

This 10 lines on save water is only helpful for class 1 to 5

1. Life is not possible without water on earth because without water we cannot survive so try to save water as much as possible.

2. If you go to bath then you should use baltic instead of rice because bathing in Jawar wastes a lot of water.

3. Water should be used only for bathing, eating, washing and drinking. Water should not be wasted in unnecessary things.

4. Water is a boon for us which is helpful for our survival.

5. 70% of our body is made up of water

6. Use a company to wash cars and other items

7. Close the tap after brushing and washing hands

8. Potable water is present only in the environment

9. Do not waste water for unnecessary work and conserve water as much as possible.

10. Saving water is the work of all living beings on this earth.

lines on save water for class 1, lines on save water for nursery class , few lines on save water for class 2

10 lines on save water for school students –

This 10 lines on save water is helpful only from class 6 to 8

1. Water is very important in our today’s life, if water conservation is not done, then one day it will come that we all will yearn for water.

2. We should water the plants in the evening, by doing this water will evaporate.

3. Save water campaign will have to be adopted by all the countrymen only then we will be able to save water.

4. Both the government and non-governmental organization are working on save water campaign, they are working to save maximum water.

5. Deforestation, exploitation of natural resources, pollution, etc. are all responsible for the depletion of fresh water; So we can save water by stopping such activities.

6. Use electricity as little as possible because most of the electricity is generated by hydro plants.

7. We should also stop water pollution caused by factories and humans in rivers and oceans, by doing this you will get clean and clean water to drink.

8. Use rain water as much as possible for irrigation in the field and for other works in the plants.

9. If we do not save water, life on our earth will be destroyed gradually.

10. Use the remaining water of the water purifier for plants and other purposes.

10 lines on save water for high school students –

This 10 lines on save water is only helpful for class 9 to 12

1. We should avoid misusing water and save water should be adopted in life.

2. Man cannot survive without oxygen and water, that is why we should save water as much as possible.

3. The dripping tap should be fixed at home, school and any other place in the company.

4. To prevent water pollution, the government should make strictest laws against companies and industries.

5. A lot of water is required to irrigate agriculture. To eliminate this problem, you can reuse rain water.

6. Reuse the water from the washing machine for washing and cleaning etc.

7. While doing various household chores, keep in mind that the tap should always be closed, by doing this water can be saved.

8. Government of India has started eight missions for water conservation.

9. Lack of water is also the reason for the existence of humans as well as animals.

10. It is estimated that if water conservation is not taken seriously in 5 years, 3 billion people will suffer because of water.

FAQ for 10 lines on save water –

Question 1 – What is the need of water conservation?

Answer :- If seen then water is the second only resource for human life by which life can be lived and if seen then only 1% of the water is suitable for the use of humanity. That’s why saving water is the biggest problem of today’s time, we need to save water for our future generations.

Question 2 – How little amount of potable water is left on the earth?

Answer:- Even though our earth is filled with 70% water but only 1.5% of the potable water on the earth is potable and the other 70% water is not potable because that water is salty and salty which is not used for drinking. Can go This water is available in oceans, seas and rivers and some water is frozen in the form of rains.

Question 3 – We depend on water for various purposes:

Answer :-

We depend on water for various purposes –
1. We need a lot of water to run our industry
2. Water is life and vegetation. Life needs water to live.
3. Water is the biggest resource for irrigation, irrigation can also be done by using water.
4. We use water for various household purposes like washing, cooking,cleaning and bathing etc.

Question 4 – What happens by consuming contaminated water?

Answer:- If you consume contaminated water, then you can have many people and this contaminated water can sometimes be fatal for humans because poisonous compounds are present in contaminated water which are harmful for a human being. Can be fatal In India, about 20% of diseases are due to infections caused by the consumption of unsafe water.

Question 5 – How can we prevent water scarcity?

Answer:- The knowledge of saving water is very important and this knowledge should be with every Indian person. Use buckets to make the most use of water. And give your support to save water.

Question 6 – When is the right time to water your plants and lawn?

Answer:- The best time to water your lawn is early morning or late evening when the water does not evaporate due to the sun. By doing this maximum amount of water can be saved.

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