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Tree essay

Tree Essay  –

Trees are the most important and valuable resource for humans, they can provide us with oxygen, food, shelter, protection from harmful elements and many more. However, we rarely take time to think about how trees affect humanity. Most people don’t even know that trees cause air pollution as well as global warming. For example, deforestation causes carbon dioxide emissions and leads to climate change and environmental degradation. Due to this problem, governments have been working on different measures for dealing with a tree crisis in developing countries. Nowadays, there is a number of laws and policies in place to limit the growth of these ever-growing plants. They help preserve biodiversity, reduce urbanization and protect wildlife. But what about the impacts of logging on human health or its role in greenhouse gas emissions? The answer to all these questions remains unclear as no comprehensive statistics exist yet. Therefore, our essay will analyze the effects of logging on both forests and ecosystems.

importance of trees in our life –

Logging causes climate change due to two main reasons, firstly, it has an overall negative impact on the environment and secondly, it harms the economy by decreasing biodiversity. Forests play a significant role in reducing energy intensity; therefore, planting a large amount of trees could result in saving over 300,000 kWh of electricity per year. This may not seem like much, but imagine if you have to commute to work using public transportation, and if you have to do so every day, then your energy consumption would be increased by 25%. As trees absorb water, their volume keeps increasing. When forests become stressed, the leaves will wilt and dry up. These changes in leafing density, together with seasonal variations in temperature, moisture, light, and other factors, reduce photosynthesis in the trees and thus decrease productivity.

benefits of trees in our life –

If we also consider ecosystem services that trees provide, e.g., filtering pollutants out of the atmosphere, supplying shade, providing habitat for insect species, absorbing nitrogen, storing water and soil moisture. For example, if forests cover 60% of cities, then cities generate about 50% of all CO2 emissions. So, when logging does take place, the resulting increase in population density and pressure on forests are high and can potentially increase deforestation, which indirectly contributes to climate change, pollution and air pollution.

What is the effect of cutting of trees on pollution? –

Moreover, there are direct effects of logging on humans and animals. People living near forests are exposed to higher levels of dust, toxins and chemicals. Air pollution levels rise because forests filter out toxic substances, allowing them to reach people through rain. It is estimated that 5,000,000 hectares of forest area are impacted by logging each year. In addition, forests store approximately 50% to 70% of all species of vertebrates known to science. These include birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, fish, insects and others. Many animals are adapted to live under trees, such as bats, bats, squirrels, monkeys, pine sifters – some of which migrate in large numbers across the world. Furthermore, trees have been shown to promote plant diversity by breaking down dead vegetation into root material, releasing nutrients into the ground, improving soil fertility, purifying water and creating habitats. A lot of areas of land are being cleared for timber extraction and wood products. Such “environmental destruction” has caused widespread destruction and displacement, impoverishment and loss of livelihoods for millions of people worldwide.

how trees affect our lives –

As trees are extremely vital to life on Earth and the environment, we must continue trying to conserve this natural wonder resource – for our own benefit.  Since 1990 many international agreements have put in place rules and regulations governing how we manage and use forests, such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We can do our part to combat climate change by cutting back on logging, conserving land and protecting endangered species. More than 75,000 people signed an online petition in support of restoring Australia’s iconic Kangaroo Island national park, where almost half of the island has been logged. Some companies are trying to get around local legislation by importing logs from elsewhere, while a few states, like Queensland, are considering introducing state bans on single-use plastics. On the flip side, we must acknowledge that just one illegal log can produce enough carbon dioxide to kill 10,000 mosquitos. If everyone takes action now, we can make sure that we never lose sight of nature again.

Frequently Asked Questions –

1. What is the importance of tree essay? 

Answer:- Trees and plants play an important role in our life, through these trees and plants, we get oxygen, food and protection from harmful elements and due to day-to-day cutting of trees, the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment has increased. Due to the high amount of carbon dioxide, we may have breathing problems. So plant as many trees as possible and prevent the cutting of more trees.

2. What are the 5 benefits of tree?

Answer:-  There are many advantages of trees, but some of the main advantages are –
  • oxygen 
  • Food
  • Shelter 
  • protection against harmful substances 
  • eliminating carbon dioxide

3. How can we care trees?

Answer:-  yes trees plants save us in first ways like from trees we get oxygen from which we survive on this earth man need two things to survive on this earth that is without water and oxygen man cannot survive and oxygen we get from the shape of tree so trees are helpful for our survival.

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