velex courier customer care number

velex courier customer care number

What is Velex Courier? 

International shipping and courier service company Velex Courier provides quick, dependable, and affordable solutions for both small and large organisations. The business focuses in providing secure transit services for the door-to-door transportation of commodities, papers, and packages to destinations throughout the globe. With a global network of over 250 distribution facilities, Velex Courier guarantees prompt package collection and delivery.

The importance of customer service 

Velex courier customer service is a critical part of any successful business, especially when it comes to ensuring goods and services are delivered on time and without damage. Customer service representatives serve as the main point of contact between customers and the company, providing helpful advice, answering questions, resolving customer complaints, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. Quality customer service can lead to increased customer loyalty and improved relationships with clients. In addition, offering courteous, professional service gives customers the assurance that they will receive the highest level of support when working with Velex. Furthermore, having a knowledgeable customer service staff who can provide assistance throughout every step of the delivery process helps create an overall positive experience for customers.

Finding the Velex Courier Customer Care Number 

The Velex Courier Customer Care Number is 
The Velex Courier Customer Care Number is
[email protected]

Customer care Number
Number 70167 58520
Email [email protected]

Connecting with the Customer Care Team 

1. Visit the velex courier website and locate the Contact Us section.
2. Call their Customer Service Hotline to speak with a customer service representative directly.
3. Send an email with your inquiries or concerns to their customer service team by filling out the online contact form.

4. Follow them on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and reach out via private messages for quick responses to your questions.
5. Visit their FAQ page for answers to common questions and solutions to popular problems before attempting to contact the Customer Care Team directly.


Thank you for taking the time to contact Velex Courier customer care. Our team is here to help and can assist you with any questions or concerns related to our services. You may contact us via email at [[email protected]], or by phone at 70167 58520 during our business hours of 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday EST. We look forward to assisting you!

Summarize importance of customer care number for Velex courier

The customer care number for Velex courier is essential in providing customers with the support they need. It is the primary means of communication between customers and the courier, and it helps to ensure that issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. The customer care number allows customers to easily ask questions, lodge complaints, make requests, track orders and check delivery status. In addition, it enables Velex courier to provide more personalised service as customers can speak directly to a representative who can answer any queries they may have. Overall, the customer care number for Velex courier plays an important role in ensuring efficient service for all its customers.

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