when you start earning from youtube

when you start earning from youtube


For those who are unfamiliar, YouTube is a platform where you can make money from your own videos. It’s like a mini-YouTube that you watch ad-free and with more content. But unlike its bigger sibling, there are many ways to earn money on YouTube that don’t involve earning cash for ads or views. In this article, we’ll show you 7 ways to start earning from YouTube right now:

Section: Making videos and getting them viewed

Section: Making money by selling merchandise on your channel

Section: Selling membership access to your channel

Section: Helping other YouTubers expand their channels and grow their audience using tutorials or product reviews

Section: Building an email list of subscribers (aka “spamming”)

Section: Finding sponsors who want to be featured in your videos so they can promote themselves through dialogue between the two of them as well as providing other services or products for viewers once mentioned in branded form within any video filmed by either party involved here (also known as brand integration). If these ideas sound interesting but not quite right for you at this particular moment in time then take heart – there are plenty more out there waiting for someone like yourself! Just keep exploring until something clicks with what might work best for each individual person interested enough to discover some new way they can profit off what they love most about being creative while simultaneously fueling their passion into actual financial gain…etc etc etc

you are also paying youtube because they charge 30% of your earning-

  • You are also paying YouTube because they charge 30% of your earning
  • They charge you for ads they show on your video
  • If you wish to use their services, such as creating an account or uploading a video, or even just watching videos on their website, they will charge you. This can be anything from nothing at all (a free account) up to $1000 per year in order to access premium features like HD streaming quality and live streaming capability. This also applies if you want to host or stream videos via YouTube itself—you will have to pay them every month regardless of whether the service has been used at any point after signing up!

youtube is not a place to earn money you can earn but it will not make you rich-

YouTube is not a place to make money. It’s a place to learn and grow, build your brand, connect with people who can help you achieve your goals, get feedback on what works well for you and what doesn’t. If you have any questions about how to do this or how much time it takes—let me know! I’m always happy to help out in any way possible.

sometimes it is better if your channel grows slowly because then you can have time to learn new things and improve skills-

Sometimes it is better if your channel grows slowly because then you can have time to learn new things and improve skills.

If you want to earn money from YouTube, then you need to have a lot of subscribers and views.

You also need to be consistent in uploading videos on a regular basis.

other ways to earn from youtube like affiliate marketing or providing services-

Other ways to earn from YouTube:

  • Affiliate marketing. This is another way to earn money from YouTube. You can promote other people’s products and services, or sell your own products and services on the platform. For example, if you have a blog with a loyal following of readers who are interested in what you have to say, then it makes sense for these readers to buy something related when purchasing through your link rather than clicking directly onto the company’s website (where they would pay more). In this case, one could consider affiliate marketing as an opportunity because there’s already an audience waiting for products like yours – just make sure what they’re buying is relevant!
  • Providing services such as live streaming events where viewers can participate directly with each other (e-commerce)

You can make money on youtube but you need to be aware of some details-

You can earn money from youtube but you need to be aware of some details.

  • You need to know the copyright rules and regulations that apply in your country. Most countries have their own copyright laws, which means that if you want to upload videos on YouTube, you will have to comply with these rules as well as adhere to the terms and conditions set by them (usually not much).
  • Another thing is knowing what is allowed on YouTube or any other website such as Facebook etc., so that no one gets offended by what we post online or share with others online because there are certain things which could cause problems like nudity or sexual content etc..


So, this is all about how to make money from youtube. I hope that you have found it informative and useful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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